The Freelancer Alliance Story

I love Freelancers.

Freelancing is leveling the playing field for small businesses. It gives us the ability to hire top talent worldwide on an as-needed basis.

Freelancers are the future workforce for small businesses and it’s a future where everyone wins.

Companies are no longer limited to fishing in the talent pools close to their office’s and Freelancers are no longer forced to live where their job is.

Personally, Freelancing has played a crucial role in my success

In every single 7 & 8 figure online business that I’ve started, grown and sold over the past 20 years, Freelancers have played a crucial role.

And I’ve also worked with amazing companies as a Freelancer, agency, and contractor providing digital marketing services.

Today I couldn’t imagine doing business without Freelancers.

Which brings me to WHY I started the Freelancer Alliance…

It’s actually pretty simple…

I want to see YOU succeed as a Freelancer.

I want YOU to work with clients you love. Clients that value your contribution to their business and pay you well.

I want YOU to achieve the freedom and lifestyle that Freelancing can afford you.

And at the same time, I want to train a massive network of Freelancers that I know and trust.

A network that I can recommend with confidence.

A network that I can hire from with confidence.

And that’s what the Freelancer Alliance is all about.

It’s a training platform to teach YOU how to turn your skills into an incredible income as a Freelancer.

It’s a network to connect you with businesses that need your skills.

And it’s a place to connect with fellow Freelancers who will support YOU on your journey.

So welcome to the Freelancer Alliance. It’s nice to meet you 🙂

Derek Gehl – Founder
The Freelancer Alliance