Welcome to The Freelancer Alliance

My name is Derek Gehl and I’d like to welcome you to the Freelancer Alliance.

Personally, I’ve been employing Freelancers in my digital businesses for almost two decades. They’ve played a key role in every 7 and 8 figure online business I’ve created.

Today I run multiple digital businesses that employ dozens of freelancers and remote workers and although this has been my “normal” for decades, it’s really only been over the past five years that we’ve seen Freelancing take off globally.

In France, Europe and the Netherlands, Freelancer growth is actually outpacing overall employment growth.

In the USA, the Freelancer workforce has grown three times faster than the overall workforce.

In countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines there are so many freelancers generating income from outside those countries, it’s become a measurable growth driver in their economies.

Freelancing is the future and I truly believe it’s a win-win for everyone.

Companies are no longer restricted by geography and can now hire from a much larger global talent pool.

Small businesses can hire top talent on a per-project basis without having to incur the full time salary costs that historically only big companies could afford.

And most importantly, regular people can now earn a great income without being forced to live in and commute to big, expensive cities.

Freelancing even has a positive impact on our environment. Imagine the reduction in pollution and traffic if even half the workers in every major city didn’t have to commute to an office every day?

But despite its rapid adoption and growth, Freelancing is still in its infancy and has lots of growing up to do.

My team and I have operated on both sides of the Freelancing equation as both Freelancers and employers. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I see the mistakes Freelancers are making every day, losing potential clients or sabotaging the success of existing projects.

And that’s why my team and I created the Freelancer Alliance. We want to drive change in the Freelancing industry. Change that will have a positive impact on both Freelancers and employers alike.

And the fastest way we know how to create change is through education.

There are already dozens of incredible Freelancing platforms to connect you with potential employers.

The Freelancer Alliance is here to make sure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to turn those connections into profitable, long-term relationships.

So again, let me welcome you. I’m excited you’ve found us!

Please take some time to explore the resources on this website and while you’re here, please take a moment and register for a free membership.

When you activate your free membership we’ll gift you instant access to free training that will help you get your Freelancing career on the right track.

Plus you’ll have access to our growing pool of Freelancing tools and resources.

We’d be honored to have you in our community and can’t wait to help you live the Freelancer Lifestyle.

To your success…

Derek Gehl – Founder


  1. Florence Yu

    I would like to join the Freelancer Alliance. Hope to grow myself by learning from you, Derek.

    Thank you.

  2. nach

    Hi Derek, what a noble and modest ideas and course of action to really helping people through these Freelancer Alliance. Hope to benefit from your noble deeds. Thank you very much.

  3. Salvacion Akimuddin

    Hi Derek,
    I am very pleased to have accidentally opened Freelancer Alliance while browsing my phone to see what are updates of the happenings locally as well as worldwide. Maybe it’s fate, so I will be a beneficial of your kindness and/or noble deeds. I really wanted to experienced the fruits of freelancing business so to augment my meager pension in order to be able to support the necessities of my ailing 80 year old mother. Hoping that I’ll be lucky enough to be one of the circle of people that you considered helping find clients to work with. Rest assure I will do my best to work passionately so that you will be proud that you did extend help to the needy like me. Thank you in advance, more power! Stay safe always.

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